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We want contemporary dance to shine even brighter in 2017. The line-up for 2017 thus combines international star choreographers, a great number of premieres and, most importantly, exciting productions. Styles and formats range from ballet to dance theatre, from circus to performances, from traditional dances to tap dance or breakdance.

On the 2017 COLOURS palette, international highlights at Theaterhaus Stuttgart include: the hard rockers of dance – Hofesh Shechter Company, political dance theatre (Helena Waldmann), Flamenco and HipHop (Wang Ramirez & Rocío Molina), ballet (Ballett Zurich), a dance theatre interpretation of Swan Lake (Teac Damsa), acrobatics in the smallest of spaces (Gravity & Other Myths), the dance sculptor Russell Maliphant, tap dance for the electronic age (Dorrance Dance), the purist of dance, Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker (Rosas), contemporary dance from Cuba (Los Hijos del Director), a study in intimacy in the footsteps of Pina Bausch (Narelle Benjamin & Paul White), the Canadian dance extremist Louise Lecavalier, Physical Theatre meets football fever (Jo Strømgren Kompani), a lecture performance (Cristiana Morganti), a dance story merging biography and music (Francesca Harper), inclusive dance theatre (Teatro La Ribalta) and a subversive choreographical comment on the Middle East conflict (Hillel Kogan).

Watching, Learning, Dancing Yourself – Workshops and Meet the Talents

In addition to the performances, COLOURS offers an extensive supporting programme with workshops by international choreographers, many of whom are part of the COLOURS line-up. Levels range from professional to amateur, with a particular focus on people who just enjoy dancing.
The festival will also introduce a new format: Meet the Talents. Eric Gauthier commissioned five promising young choreographers to create a short piece for the Dance Company Theaterhaus Stuttgart: Guillaume Côté (Canada), the former member of Gauthier Dance, Giuseppe Spota (Italiy/Germany), Shahar Biniamini (Israel), Nadav Zelner (Israel) and the Gauthier Dance ballet master Guillaume Hulot. All-day rehearsals are scheduled for the second festival week – partly in the Gauthier Dance studio, partly in the Theaterhaus Gym. Everyone interested is welcome to watch the creation process. In the final week of the festival, Eric Gauthier will present the new pieces and their choreographers in a series of early evening shows in the Gym.

Stuttgart Dances – the City Programme

Eric Gauthier believes that everybody can dance and dance can be shared by anyone. This is why the COLOURS programme has, from the very start, featured high-profile participation activities in the Stuttgart city centre. COLOURS 2017 aims at radiating into public space to an even greater extent.

Artistic Director, idea & concept COLOURS: Eric Gauthier
Artistic Director Programme COLOURS: Meinrad Huber
Direction Theaterhaus Stuttgart: Werner Schretzmeier

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