Cristiana Morganti: Moving with Pina

A Lecture Performance on the poetics, technique and creativity of Pina Bausch


Whatever you ever wanted to know about Pina Bausch is explained here by a seasoned interpreter of her work. The Italian Cristiana Morganti danced with the Wuppertal Dance Theatre for more than 20 years, creating numerous roles for works by the legendary German choreographer. How does a gesture become dance? What is the relationship between emotion and movement? How does a dancer move within visually exciting yet often cluttered stage sets? How did Pina Bausch and her dancers create these intensive, beautiful solos in an old Wuppertal cinema? Cristiana Morganti explains segments of the Wuppertal repertoire from the informed and deeply affectionate perspective of an interpreter and fellow artist in a very personal homage, one that brings us closer to the ideas of Pina Bausch than any scholarly text, illustrated book or film.

„What Morganti underlined was the level of physical and emotional intelligence at which the company work; the magic of small detail that makes the choreography so human and credible.“ – The Guardian

By and with: Cristiana Morganti


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VVK: Kat. 1: 24,- / erm.: 23,- / U-18J.: 15,-
Kat. 2: 19,- / U-18J.: 15,-
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By and with: Cristiana Morganti
Executive Producer: Il Funaro – Pistoia
Music: Various Artists
Premiere: February 27, 2010, Rome
Duration: 75 minutes no interval
Photo: A. Carrara / Il Funaro - Pistoia

With the consent and support of Pina Bausch Foundation/Wuppertal
International Management Aldo Grompone

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