Gravity & Other Myths: A Simple Space


Gravity is only a myth – as proved by these seven boisterous acrobats from Australia, whose very name suggests a gravitational challenge. They perform close up to their audience in an easy-going style that feels more like friends from next door than a circus act in leotards and make-up. Right in front of us they construct three-storey human towers and jump from head to head, needing nothing more than their incredible physical strength and cat-like agility. Again and again they draw their audience into their game of faster-higher-further, competing to outdo one another or turning rope skipping into strip poker. Raw, cool and yet exuding finesse, this is new acrobatics that is immediate, amazing and funny.

“Stripped back and raw (…) an awe-inspiring display of strength, skill and creativity.” – Adelaide Advertiser

With live music


Dates and Prices

VVK: Kat. 1: 29,- / erm.: 23,-Kat. 2: 19,- / erm.: 15,- incl. Geb.


Created & Performed by: Gravity & Other Myths
Company: Lachlan Binns, Jascha Boyce, Lachlan Harper, Mieke Lizotte, Jackson Manson, Jacob Randell, Martin Schreiber, Elliot Zoerner
Music: Elliot Zoerner
Premiere: February 2013, Adelaide
Duration: 60 minutes no interval
Photo: Steve Ullathorne

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