Los Hijos del Director: The Last Resource


World premiere

Cuba doesn’t just produce great ballet dancers but also great contemporary dance! A young generation of boisterous, irreverent choreographers from the Caribbean island is currently conquering the world. Using the explosive energy of their dancers they are posing fundamental questions about human conflict and engaging in prevailing socio-political debates with an intensity that ordered European discourses have perhaps lost sight of. George Céspedes is one of Cuba’s leading contemporary choreographers. In 2013 he founded his own company, the evocatively named “The Director's Sons”. Céspedes describes himself as having an “obsessive, nearly compulsive need to stage choreographies”. In his new piece he reflects on the current situation of his homeland, which is currently undergoing enormous changes – and on the global mechanisms and systems affecting it: “How they are influencing us, how they have the power to control and bend us, how they make us forget who we really are!” The choreographer sees his work as a form of resistance against the alienation of the human spirit. This world premiere is the product of a close collaboration between Céspedes and his dancers using a musical collage that extends from heavy metal and modern electronica to the work of Cuban singer-songwriters.


In Coproduction with COLOURS International Dance Festival


Choreography: George Céspedes and his dancers

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Choreographic Material: George Céspedes und seine TänzerInnen
Choreographic Direction: George Céspedes
Dancers: Aymara Vila, Álvaro Torres, Odeylos Mederos, Rafael Doimeadios, Arianna Nuñez, Thais Doimeadios
Confection & Costume Design: Paula Fernández (Pola)
Lighting Design: Guido Gali
Sound Technician: Andrés Ortiz
Production Assistant: Ixchel Casado
Graphic Design: Adrián Cruz & Alexis de la O
Music: Autechre, Sigur Rós, Polito Ibañez, System of a Down, Trentemøller, Marilyn Manson, Muse, Scott Matthew, Philip Glass, Ludovico Einaudi
World premiere: 11.7.17, Stuttgart
Duration: 80 minutes no interval

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