Narelle Benjamin & Paul White: Cella


World premiere & COLOURS coproduction

Our constant emphasis on individuality and the 'self' ignores the beauty of our similarities. The most complex patterns imaginable in our biological systems can be found repeated in all of us. Two Australians seek the natural symmetry that surrounds us. Narelle Benjamin is a contemporary choreographer with a particular interest in the perceptual capacity of her body. Paul White was the first new member to join the Wuppertal Dance Theatre in the post-Pina Bausch era. Drawing on the infinitely diverse range of forms our bodies can generate, they fold themselves out of one another to produce delightful mirror images, almost like human Rorschach tests. Their movements emanate from a yoga ritual and evoke endless cycles, microscopic forms and their continuous evolution. In this way, external form gives rise to a new insight into our bodies.

Choreography: Narelle Benjamin, Paul White


Dates and Prices

VVK: Kat. 1: 34,- / erm.: 27,- / U-18J.: 15,-
Kat. 2: 26,- / erm.: 21,- / U-18J.: 15,-
Kat. 3: 19,- / erm.: 15,- / U-18J.: 15,-
incl. Geb.


Concept: Narelle Benjamin
Choreography: Narelle Benjamin, Paul White
Composer: Huey Benjamin with additional music from The Necks and Colleen
Lighting Designer: Karen Norris
Duration: 65 minutes no interval
Project Assistant & Outside Eye: Tara Jade Samaya
Photographer & Videographer: Pippa Samaya
World premiere: 8.7.17, Stuttgart
Duration: 60 Minuten ohne Pause
Photo: Pippa Samaya

In co-production with COLOURS International Dance Festival with support from the Tanja Liedtke Foundation.

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