Teatro La Ribalta: Nobody Knows About Us


German premiere

Mattia Peretto is a performer with Down syndrome and Julie Anne Stanzak danced with Pina Bausch. Cautiously and with a sense of amazement, they find a way to one another, the spontaneous boy with an expressiveness that defies convention and the slender, elegant dancer with her effortlessly expressive body wrought by years of training. “Niemand weiß von uns” (Nobody Knows About Us) shows the fragility of the human being and cautiously seeks out the invisible and unspoken. Tentatively and solicitously the two figures approach one another, perhaps mother and son, perhaps man and woman: two lonely people yearning for a relationship. Based in Bolzano, Teatro La Ribalta is an inclusive, multi-award-winning ensemble comprising artists with and without disabilities.

“Julie Stanzak approaches Mattia with all the artful movements that seem to come to trained dancers naturally. (...) Mattia Peretto moves with a delicate power and musicality, he is both performer and narrator: moving, funny and haunting.” – salto.bz

Choreography: Julie Anne Stanzak


Dates and Prices

VVK:  Kat. 1: 24,- / erm.: 23,- / U-18J.: 15,-
Kat. 2: 19,- / U-18J.: 15,-
incl. Geb.


With: Julie Anne Stanzak & Mattia Peretto
Choreography: Julie Anne Stanzak
Direction: Antonio Viganó
Dramatic Consultant: Alessandro Serra
Music: Sting, Bebe, Mark Hollis u.a.
Dramatic Consultant: Andreas Eisenschneider
Premiere: 24.7.14, Bolzano
Duration: 65 minutes no interval
Photo: Piero Tauro

Production: Accademia Arte della diversità - Teatro la Ribalta - Akademie Kunst der Vielfalt
In Collaboration with: Compagnia Teatropersona
Coproduktion: Bolzano Danza - Bozen Tanz

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