Sébastien Ramirez, Rocío Molina & Honji Wang: Felahikum

(Perpignan/France, Seville/Spain, Berlin/Germany)

German premiere

Two almost identical women stand opposite one another. Are they doppelgänger? Attired in the black and white of yin and yang, each figure only slowly realizes how different her mirror image is and how unfamiliar its movements – the challenging staccato of flamenco confronts an elastic flow incorporating Asian martial arts and hip-hop. Rocío Molina and Honji Wang are accomplished virtuosos of their respective styles who both challenge the rules and boundaries of their world. They attack one another with dance, each seeking playfully to trump her sister. However, the overarching aim is to comprehend what the other is doing. In mirrored constellations, against a backdrop of shadow images and under streaming veils they seek the pure, shared essence of movement, creating images invested with a magical poetry.

„Sébastien Ramirez’ creations are proof that dance is made of the same substance as poetry.“ – Epoch Times

 Molina enlarges the range of vision of Flamenco through improbable and aesthetic transgressions whereas Wang bends HipHop like a reed.” – Danser, canal historique

Choreography: Rocío Molina, Honji Wang & Sébastien Ramirez


Dates and Prices

VVK: Kat. 1: 34,- / erm.: 27,- / U-18J.: 15,-
Kat. 2: 26,- / erm.: 21,- / U-18J.: 15,-
Kat. 3: 19,- / erm.: 15,- / U-18J.: 15,-
incl. Geb.


Artistic direction: Honji Wang & Sébastien Ramirez
Choreography: Rocío Molina, Honji Wang & Sébastien Ramirez
Performers: Rocío Molina & Honji Wang
Premiere: January 20, 2015, Perpignan
Duration: 55 minutes no interval

Original music by: Jean-Philippe Barrios aka lacrymoboy | with the participation of: Christophe Isselee (guitars) | Cynthia Floquet and Katy Heiting (song) | Rocío Molina and Honji Wang (voices)

Sound technician: Javier Alvarez
Light design: Jani-Matti Salo
Light technician: Cyril Mulon
Set design: Thomas Pénanguer
Stylist: Soo-Hi Song
Costume realization in collaboration with: Catherine Argence
Producer: Dirk Korell

Executive production: Compagnie Wang Ramirez, Clash 66
Production manager & bookings: Manon Martin | production@wangramirez.com
Communication: Claudia Tanus
Administration: Corinne Aden
Technical director: Cyril Mulon

Co-production: Théâtre de l'Archipel, national theatre Perpignan (in the frame of a creation residency) | Migros Culture Percentage Dance Festival Steps (Switzerland) | Mercat de les Flors (Barcelona) | Le Théâtre*/National theatre Narbonne
Regional council Languedoc-Roussillon | Regional Cultural Affairs Directorate Occitanie | County council Pyrénées Orientales

Thanks to…
Sadler's Wells, London | Flamenco Festival, London

Company Wang Ramirez - Clash66 receives a structural support by Regional Cultural Affairs Directorate Occitanie, by Regional council Occitanie / Pyrénées-Méditerranée and by County council Pyrénées Orientales.

The company receives the support of Foundation BNP Paribas for the development of its projects.
Sébastien Ramirez & Honji Wang are associated artists of Théâtre de l’Archipel, scène nationale de Perpignan for the seasons 2014/15, 2015/16 and 2016/17.

Mit freundlicher Unterstützung des Institut francais und des französischen Ministeriums für Kultur und Kommunikation/DGCA


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